A double act in the classic Vaudeville tradition, the Kourageous Kiplingers sing songs from Tin Pan Alley's golden era and reinvent the vintage schtick that kept Vaudeville audiences laughing for decades. It is their love of the songs, impeccable comic timing and warmth towards the audience that makes this an unforgettable old school evening.

Meet glamorous, omnivorous Kippy Kiplinger: girl singer extraordinaire (think Rosemary Clooney in a street fight with Margaret Dumont); and hapless, chronically love-sick Kip Kiplinger: gamely strumming along on his little ukulele (think Harpo Marx and Stan Laurel on a desert island). Combine this daring duo with a cavalcade of surprise guests (including Grampa Koester Kiplinger, peppery patriarch of this show business dynasty), throw in physical comedy, a bit of the bawdy, and you're about to experience the daredevil artistry of the Kourageous Kiplingers!

The Kourageous Kiplingers have delighted audiences young and old, drunk and sober, on the New York new Vaudeville circuit for five years. They have been featured guests with the Wau-Wau Sisters (winners of the Fringe Report's "Best Cabaret" Award) and the Bindlestiff Family Circus, and frequently perform as the comic relief in burlesque and variety shows. In 2002 they presented their hour-long show "Shut Up and Sing!" at the Palace of Variety, and followed that success with "Shut Up & Sing Already!" The Kourageous Kiplingers have also delighted audiences at the Esplanade and other senior care facilities in the tri-state area. They have never played a Bar Mitzvah, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't.

"Don't Bring Lulu" has become one of their signature songs, along with "I Had Someone Else Before I Had You", and their standard sign-off, "Paper Moon". The Kiplingers are dedicated to finding forgotten musical gems of the last century. They have scoured archives of sheet music, re-invigorating oldies by the likes of George Formby and B.G. DeSylva, songs primarily from 1901-1940, such as "If You Knew Susie", "5 Foot 2", and "You Made Me Love You". Sometimes they sneak more recent songs into their sets, such as the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" or Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville".

Creators/performers David Gochfeld and Rachel Kramer have between them performed on three continents and an assortment of islands. Together they devise richly theatrical works incorporating classical techniques, clowning, music, dance, puppetry, and, above all, humor.

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